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That moment of motivation…

As a starting company there are a lot of ups and downs. As one of our partners stated “the best moment to grow is when you hit rock bottom” Well, we had that moment also. The solution was to give it our all….


Yup… One of our newest projects. Looking forward to the upcoming Xmas season and also creating a unique shopping experience for women in Suriname. We have a collection of the most exclusive women clothing and apparel.

It’s all about her…

The website will give her a warm feeling, the colors are purple with shades of grey, giving the webshop a ladylike look and feel.

Technologies used

We used several programming languages such as PHP, MySQL… Because we want to deliver the best shopping experience.


Starting off with Suriname, we expect to expand our sales to the Caribbean as well as South America within a year after launch.

Upgrading websites…

As part of our quest to become the best at what we do in Suriname, we now offer our clients website upgrades.

Basicly… If that site isn’t generating more business it’s surely costing more money.

We believe that a website should represent your business 24/7 online. If customers can’t visit the store they should surely be able to visit your website.

NV Jaambis @

Is one of our clients who was experiencing the same problem. 4U Agency was the solution. We are now upgrading the website by adding an upload feature. Visitors will be able to upload their documents for printing and duplicating

As part of this upgrade we are also setting up a social media campaign on facebook, twitter and linkedin.

For now will be the first office suppplies company giving such a service in Suriname. An innovative, trendsetting company!

As we all know in Suriname, most people don’t see the potential that Internet provides.

As a friend of ours once said: “With the Internet bubble burst you should not ask if, but when”

In 2009 we decided to stop building external websites for a while and invest our resources in building our own products. The concept of was born. was made to provide the Surinamese community with abroad magazines (mainly USA) and local newspapers and magazines.

After 2 years, seeing the growth in daily visitors, we decided to give the website an upgrade. Not only upgrading the interface, but also the services provided.

In Aug 2011 we gathered Surinamese top restaurants to start Suriname’s first food delivery service.

In Okt 2011 we placed a retail section, providing local retailers the abilitity to start selling online.

Our bottom line:
We do what we’re good at: built websites!
They do what they’re good at: sell products! will become one of Suriname’s first online retail shop with online/ off line payment capabilities.


The past months we went into some partnerships. This because we believe in growth, this not only gives us an opportunity to learn from each other but opens up a whole lot of possibilities.

BodyNSoul Photography

As being on of Suriname’s best photography company we signed up with these guys to deliver content for our project. is the what’s going on in SUriname website.

Fawaka also stands for “what’s happening” in sranantongo (the native language of Suriname) BodyNSoul Partypix was becoming Suriname’s top event photography websites in Suriname. Getting thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

Sfendizle Arrogant

A new clothing line in Suriname. We partnered up with Sfendizle as an overall/ express marketing company. Setting up an online sales channel is the greatest challenge we have with this project. As an innovative company we don’t know challenges only solutions.

Future partnerships

We are currently in the process of setting up new partnerships in Suriname and abroad.

(Censored) Success is our only option, failure’s not…
Eminem - Lose yourself (8 Mile)
Hello World…

Yes… Do you guys can remember the first time you wrote that program an thought to yourself. Well, I’m the next best programmer in the world…

We’ll, that happend to me, Gino Eersel, almost 10 years ago. Wrote my first program using visual basics at that time it was 6…

5 years ago, after doing a lot of programming and pc servicing I decided to drop out of college and setup my own business! It was cool to be the young entrepreneur. 23 years old and having an own company…

A year after setting up Suriname’s first social network we decided that we had no choice then to rent our own server and register our own domains. Lightbulb flashes and we started thinking out a plan for setting up our own hosting and webdesign company… 4U Agency was born on december 2nd 2007!

After years of setting up websites for local businesses and the government we are now called the web-architect of Suriname. We don’t built websites, we built outlets open 24-7 for customers. We provide solutions for business owners.

So… That was the start of 4U Agency in a nutshell. :-)

I hope you enjoy reading our blog.

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